Our Story

Bantam Farm really began as an inside joke. We live in the suburbs on a standard 3/4ish acre lot. We began where most people begin, by starting a garden. We really loved it, especially Jeremy. We expanded our skills into hydroponic growing. We became so proficient at it that Jeremy was invited to help build a hydroponic system overseas. We added perennials like blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries, learning how to care for and select them. Somewhere along the way chickens showed up, which are Michelle’s favorite part of suburban homesteading. Our friends would come over and say, “This place is like a farm.” Eventually we began growing vegetables for the Smyrna, TN Depot Farmer’s Market. One Saturday the booth was going to be pretty sparse and so Michelle said, “I’ll bake some bread to fill in for this week.” It flew off the table. A month later we were known more as a baker than a grower. We kept at it, learning what worked and what didn’t. Slowly over the past five years we have built many friendships. That’s what we call our customers and fellow vendors, friends. We added additional skills like growing microgreens and producing edible lettuce in the Southern heat. In 2018 we entered the Nolensville, TN Farmer’s Market and it has been our Saturday morning home ever since.

Our dream has always been to build a family business that served our community. The term “going to work” was invented in the industrial revolution in the late 1800’s. Before that most businesses were family owned and run. We believe this is the way it should be and that our nation was a better nation when it was a nation of small business owners. With the technological revolution of the internet age the tools have now been placed back into the common man’s hands to cease “going to work” and market his or her own skills if they have the courage, discipline, and desire. We wanted to be together and spend more time with our five children. So we set out to make our own way. Bantam Farm is that way.

The Coffey Clan

In 2022 another family is joining us in this local food adventure, Basil and Emily Coffey. They share our vision for family, our commitment to local food, and our desire to reverse the course of the industrialization of both family and food where we can. Jeremy spent the Winter sharing his microgreens growing secrets with Basil. The Coffey’s are taking over that side of the business and will be @ the Smyrna Depot Farmer’s Market beginning in 2022 with all the delicious homemade and homegrown Bantam Farm products you’ve come to know and love. We’re so glad to have them working alongside us! 

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